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Native American Heritage Timeline 17th – 19th Century

Native American Heritage Month 2018. Leading the way to a healthier future.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recognizes November as Native American Heritage Month. This month offers a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to Native Americans who have made significant contributions to the NIH and our great nation. We encourage you to take the time to learn more about Native Americans History using the timeline below.

1614 - Pocahontas (Algonquian Indian) marries English Jamestown colonist John Rolfe in Virginia

1626 - Dutch colonist Peter Minuit buys Manhattan from Indians for $24 worth of goods

Dutch colonist Peter Minuit

1758 - First North American Indian reservation is established in New Jersey

1776 - Continental Congress fails in attempt to recruit 2,000 Indians to fight Revolutionary War

1778 - U.S. signs first Indian treaty, with Delaware Indians

1804-1806 - Sacagawea (Shoshone) accompanies Lewis and Clark on their expedition

1812 - Tecumseh (Shawnee) fights alongside British in the War of 1812

1817 - Indian Country Crimes Act provides for federal jurisdiction of some crimes committed by or against an Indian on Indian land

1824 - Office of Indian Affairs (now Bureau of Indian Affairs) is established

1828 - The Cherokee Phoenix becomes first U.S. newspaper printed in an Indian language

1830 - Indian Removal Act leads to the forced relocation of thousands of Indians om the Southeastern U.S. to west of the Mississippi River. An estimated 4,000 die during the migration

1871 - Indian Appropriations Act of 1871 dissolves the status of tribes as sovereign nations

1876 - Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse (Lakota) defeat George Custer at Battle of Little Bighorn

1886 - Legendary warrior Geronimo (Apache) surrenders to U.S. troops

Legendary warrior Geronimo

1886 - We’wha, a Zuni Ihamana (now described as Two-Spirit), met President Grover Cleveland, acting as a cultural ambassador for her people

1890 - Lakota Chief Big Foot is killed with his followers at Wounded Knee

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