Kay Johnson

Kay Johnson Graham

Kay johnson

Diversity & Inclusion Strategist

Kay Johnson Graham has over 30 years of Human Resource Management experience working for the U.S. Federal government at the National Institutes of Health, NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. Kay Johnson Graham began her career serving as a Biologist for the U.S. Federal government for several years at the National Cancer Institute, NIH. Additionally, she became interested in bridging science, medicine and health related scientific employment opportunities to increase the diverse pool of applicants for Federal mission critical jobs. Later she acquired a position as an Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist working in fields of outreach/recruitment; Civil Rights law; and Equal Employment Opportunity erwhere she worked tirelessly to assist in connecting employment opportunities to diverse talent. Ms. Johnson Graham has extensive experience in talent acquisition and management, outreach, and Civil Rights law in employment. Ms. Johnson Graham has expanded her academic learning to acquire skills in strategic Human Resources Management, Diversity and Inclusion theory and application, as well as strategic workforce planning. Ms. Johnson Graham attained her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland College Park. Also, she pursued a Master’s degree at Georgetown University in Human Resource Management with a focus on Diversity and Business. Ms. Johnson Graham is a native citizen of the U.S. She is working to establish new knowledge and expertise in the field of academic Human Resource Management to strategically meet the challenges and needs for the Federal Government. She is married and resides with her husband in Bethesda, Maryland.