LASTI - Services

Language Access Services.

Obtaining high quality interpretation and translation from an NIH vetted and approved language access vendor can greatly streamline the process of providing language access for all NIH visitors and program participants. Our current vendors include: Cal Interpreting   Translations, ContextGlobal Inc., Multilingual Technologies, and Prescient Technologies, LLC. The Office of Logistics and Acquisition Operations (OLAO) will monitor the LASTI request-for-services mailbox and provide guidance to all IC representatives on how to acquire language access services through the LASTI contract. OLAO will review all requests for services to determine if they are within the scope of the contract. Requests for services that are within the scope of the contract will be processed by the IC's respective Consolidated Operations Acquisition Center (COAC). Through the LASTI contract vehicle, requestors can be assured that a trusted representative is available to provide scheduling, quality assurance, billing, project management, and other logistics for their needs.


Translation of Written Material
Translation of written materials from original published language to the requested language.

Translation of Digital Information/Web Content
Translation of Digital information/Web Content (including social media, infographic platforms, multimedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, electronic books and others) from the original published language to the requested language. This service is commonly referred to as, Localization.


Oral Language Assistant Services
An in-person, over the phone, or video remote interpreter is used to help LEP individuals communicate effectively with NIH personnel in the requested language. Providing oral language assistant services to LEP individuals ensure meaningful access and an equal opportunity to fully participate in the services, activities, and programs administered by the NIH.

Oral Multi-lingual Interpretation
Used at multilingual events and meetings; conference interpreters are deployed and work as a team at the meeting site to interpret for audience participants in the requested language.

Consultation and Planning Assistance for Conference Interpretation Services
Used for planning multilingual events and meetings; consultants work directly with clients to determine specific language interpretation needs, and provide guidance on best practices and standards for meeting those needs.