Michael J.A. Davis

Michael Davis

Michael J.A. Davis

Brand Manager

As the head of branding in the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Michael J.A. Davis is solely responsible for establishing brand architecture and brand strategy. Prior to NIH, Davis worked as a brand architect at George Mason University to reinvent the institution’s 25 year-old college access program.

Since his arrival in March 2013, Davis has worked on numerous projects pointed at reshaping the brand image of the office. Namely, Davis helped establish EDI’s new mission and vision statements, created NIH’s “EDI 365” and “Take the Pledge” marketing platforms, and reinvented the office’s online presence.

The edi.nih.gov website is a part of a complete identity overhaul of the agency’s EEO/anti-discrimination office. Davis was brought on board to close brand gaps between the office and its customers.

“My method was to reengineer EDI’s marketing strategy to fuel content creation, power online engagement, and recharge user experience,” Davis says. “I think the new online presence boldly challenges existing paradigms of the look, feel, experience, and practice of EEO offices in the federal government.”

Davis’ focus has shifted to enhancing the brand experience for customers and helping EDI become ‘Model EEO’ office across government and private sector, alike.