Conchita Lawrence

Conchita Lawrence

Conchita Lawrence

Diversity & Inclusion Strategist

Mrs. Conchita Lawrence joins us from the Office of the Director, Client Services Division, OHR, where she serves as a Sr. Human Resource Specialist, she served as an advisor to the Chief of the Global Recruitment & Metrics Unit and to other senior leaders providing procedural, identifying, and resolving workforce challenges and gaps, in addition to creating and implementing more effective planning tools for all divisions within the agency.

She has been with NIH for 14 years, in various capacities and ICs to include National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease (NIAID), where she was a Workforce Resource Specialist and HR Liaison, in the Human Capital Branch. Conchita created a strong partnership that led to an exchange of information that addressed issues as they arose by serving as a strategic liaison between the administrative staff, leadership, and other stakeholders within the Office of the Director. Before that she was an Administrative Officer at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), providing internal and external briefings to management in support to the organization to hire, develop, train and retain staff including assisting in the development of high-level/complex position descriptions, and conducting interviews with leadership and managers to anticipate their needs as customers, provide support and potential solutions to operational problems, and analyze and evaluate program areas for which additional development would be beneficial.

She also serves as the Board President for a community-based agency that provides professional quality service to individuals and families in collaborative effort to inspire connections of advocacy resources. Passionate about training and teaching people to think and live according to biblical principles. She often contributes her training and counseling skills to support hurting and loss women to overcome adversity.

Conchita has over 30+ years of Federal Service being a decisive leader with interpersonal skills and respected as a proponent of empowerment and accountability. Prior to joining NIH, Conchita held several key leadership roles at other Federal agencies as well as non-profit organizations and in the community. With years of Workforce Planning, Human Resources, Records Management, Strategic Planning and Evaluation of HR systems & processes. She has received numerous awards to include The Dream Team, OHR Director’s Award, and Women Developing Women Leaders.

She is a member of African American Federal Executive Association (AAFEA), whose mission is to promote the professional development and advancement of African Americans into and within the senior ranks of the Federal Government. She collaborates with senior leaders on the establishment and leadership of internal team formations.

Conchita is a Native Washingtonian, educated at the University of MD, University College. She enjoys traveling extensively, serving in many capacities as a leader in the nonprofit organization. She is married with a blended family.