Donna Peterkin, Esq.

Donna Peterkin

Donna Peterkin, Esq.

Acting Division Director, Guidance, Education, & Marketing Division

Donna has extensive experience in EEO, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and civil rights experience in the public and private sectors. She has significant experience leading EEO and D&I organizations in support of geographically dispersed workforces ranging from 6,000 to 80,000 employees.

Donna has the tenacity for creating transformative spaces to address evolving workforce needs. She centers her focus on improving the quality and efficiency of EEO processes, developing meaningful affirmative employment strategies, and promoting diverse and inclusive environments, which are critical elements for attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Donna has significant experience in workplace investigations, climate assessments and proactive early resolution strategies. She is a certified EEO investigator, counselor, mediator, ELI Civil Treatment instructor and has substantial experience in leading and managing EEO, affirmative employment, reasonable accommodation, anti-harassment, and training programs.

Donna has experience launching a variety of diversity and inclusion initiatives that include establishing and developing D&I councils, establishing and championing employee resource groups, developing interactive training and branding and marketing D&I concepts. Donna has a passion for providing the tools, consultancy and guidance needed to disrupt the status quo and employ current and innovative ways to proactively engage workforces and eliminate barriers to equal access and opportunity.

Donna received a Bachelor of Science in paralegal studies from the University of Maryland in May 1999 and a Juris Doctor from the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, in May 2003. She is the proud mother of her son Aidan and of her fur baby Onyx.