Tammy Massie

Tammy Massie

Tammy Massie, PhD


Tammy has been a mathematical statistician for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the past 13 years. During her time at FDA she worked for several Centers, including the Center for Veterinary Medicine and the Center for Drugs. Most recently, she has worked at the Center for Biologics performing statistical analysis on vaccine and allergenic products.

While at FDA, Tammy served as the president of the FDA Statistics Association in 2008, an organization composed of all mathematical statisticians within FDA. In this position she led the co-chairing of a statistical conference in Washington, DC in 2009 for over 750 government and industry academic statisticians.

Tammy earned her PhD in Biostatistics from the Medical College of Virginia for her dissertation focusing on bivariate twin data exploring the genetic and environmental risks of various diseases. She received her MS degree in Statistics from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida and her BS in Mathematics from Stockton State College in southern New Jersey.

If you live in Montgomery County you may have seen Tammy jogging on various sidewalks and trails as one of her hobbies is long distance running. She has run over 250 marathons (26.2 miles each - and no, 250 is not a typo) or greater distance events. These races include the Badwater, a 135 mile road race in Death Valley California in mid-July, Western States 100 miler, a 100 mile endurance trail run in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Vermont 100 mile in the Green Mountains of Vermont. She also runs shorter distances including Pikes Peak 10K and the Parks Half Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon. She hopes to inspire colleagues from the NIH to join her in any or all of these races. She is a Road Running Club of America running coach and would be happy to help anyone with their training plans!

Tammy lives with her husband Tristan, a fellow statistician and two ragdoll cats - Sagwa and Powderpuff Girl. She also enjoys spending time with her family, reading, hiking, and traveling.