Jaime Martinez

Jaime Martinez

Jaime Martinez
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Power Words

Power Words: Spanish: 
Perspectiva, Vale La Pena!
Power Words: English: 
Perspective, So Worth It!

Where were you born? 

Brooklyn, New York

What school did you attend? 

University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

What gained you interest in the NIH? 

The organization's mission is what drove me to the NIH.

What kind of work do you do at the NIH? 

'm an Information Technology Specialist and I'm currently serving as acting Branch Chief for Core Human Resources(HR) Systems. I help implement and maintain Human Resource Systems at NIH.

What message would you like to send to young Hispanics who are considering going to college? 

College can be hard to get in and difficult to go through, but it is so worth it. The knowledge and the world perspective you will get is invaluable and helpful throughout life.