Hispanic Heritage Month 2020

Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 - Be proud of your past. Embrace your future.


This year allows us to reflect on the profound and positive influence that Hispanics and Latinos have had on our country through their strong commitment to family, faith, hard work and service. Learning about the contributions of our diverse workforce enriches our perspectives, particularly in these fragile times.

Here at the NIH we find Hispanics and Latinos engaged at the forefront of our work conducting research, or, diligently and silently providing patient care, mentoring students, balancing budgets, keeping our facilities clean, and many other jobs. Remaining reliable, capable, and resilient because the diverse workforce consisting of many races, ethnicities, cultures, faiths, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, and backgrounds. The contributions of NIH's diverse workforce demonstrate that diversity and inclusion at the NIH matters.

We invite you to explore the experiences, contributions, and messages of encouragement from Hispanics and Latinos at the National Institutes of Health who are supporting the fight against COVID-19.

Collage of NIH Hispanics and Latinos

Your individuality is important, but so is belonging. Recognize the parts of your culture that have shaped your past, and the parts you want to carry with you into the future.
— Sol Peralta