SGM Heritage Form 2016

Telling Our Stories. Claiming Our Power. Standing In Our Truth.

Everyone Has A Story…

All over the world, millions of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or sexual and gender minority, are extending an invitation to family members, friends, coworkers, and associates to show support for– and honor the complexity of– their sexual orientation and/gender identity. This process is called "inviting-in." Inviting-in is a person-centered and strengths-based process of disclosure that emphasizes human agency, self-assertion, self-determination, and freedom of choice. It differs from "coming-out" because it doesn’t require that SGM individuals seek the permission and/or validation from heterosexual and cisgender folks to live openly and authentically.

Inviting-in is a practice of hospitable sharing that fosters greater understanding among SGM people, straight people and cisgender people alike. It invites us to share our common story of triumph and resilience, inclusion and isolation, security and opportunity– irrespective of sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Inviting-in compels us to remember together! For that reason we invite you to share your story.

There’s Power in Remembering…Together

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