Pride 2019: SGM Community and Ally Leader Nominations


An ally is a member of an advantaged social group who uses social power to take a stand against injustice directed at oppressed groups (e.g., Whites who speak out against racism, men who are anti-sexist). An ally works to be an agent of social change rather than an agent of oppression.

Call for Nominations:
2019 Sexual & Gender Minority
Community and Ally Leader Award

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is pleased to celebrate June as Pride Month as we remain deeply committed to the principles of equity, diverisity, and inclusion in our research and workplace.

“Sexual and gender minority” (SGM) is an umbrella term* that encompasses lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations as well as those whose sexual orientation, gender identity and expressions, or reproductive development varies from traditional, societal, cultural, or physiological norms. This includes Disorders or Differences of Sex Development (DSD), sometimes known as intersex.

To further celebrate Pride Month at NIH, we are seeking award recipient nominations for individuals who help to advance SGM research or help to make NIH a more welcoming environment for individuals in SGM communities. This award is open to all NIH employees and fellows. We want to honor those who encourage others by their example, who demonstrate unconditional compassion and understanding towards this community, and who bring more of themselves into the workplace to make it more inclusive for the specific, named groups that are encompassed under the SGM umbrella. EDI wants to show our deep appreciation of our SGM communities and allies, by bringing awareness to the work of those addressing issues in the SGM workforce.

Nominations should be made to the Sexual and Gender Minorities Engagement Committee by Wednesday, May 22, 2019. Please address the following points in your nomination letter:

  • Please provide the nominee’s name, title, and email address
  • How is the nominee addressing issues in the SGM community?
  • Is the nominee a member of the SGM community or an ally?
  • What is the nominee doing to show leadership in diversity and inclusion of the SGM community?

Awardees will be honored during the First Annual EDI Sexual & Gender Minority Community and Ally Leader Awards ceremony at the annual NIH Pride celebration June 2019. According to established NIH policy, only NIH Federal Employees can be considered for this award, as is the case with other similar types of awards such as the NIH Director Awards