Women's History Month 2020

Celebrate Women's History Month. The Whole Woman. 20/20 Vision.

The Whole
Woman 2020

Hindsight is 20/20. This year, we look to the past to explore the evolution of "The Whole Woman." Our campaign illuminates the breakthroughs in biomedical research and the life-altering improvements inspired by these scientific discoveries. In appreciation of the many aspects of being a woman, we’ll highlight the ways in which women prepare themselves to be trailblazers in the field, from daily affirmations to everyday advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Join us in celebrating The Whole Woman with 2020 vision.

Message from the Strategist

Joy Gaines

Women are phenomenal. In their labs, behind their desks, in their homes, in their communities, and navigating through this complex and complicated life, women prove time and time again, they are phenomenal. Women maneuver around, and sometimes through, roadblocks to make groundbreaking discoveries. Women create clearer pathways for future generations of people, guide the narratives of their stories, visualize new concepts and challenge old ideas. Women are visionaries. In this year of 2020 vision, we pay homage to all women—the whole woman.

Joy Gaines
Principal Strategist
Portfolio for Women

EDI’s 20 for 2020

20 Scientific Breakthroughs; 20 Health Improvements; 20 Words of Affirmation; 20 Best Career Advice for Women
The Whole Woman: 2020 Vision Workshop

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