Joy Gaines

Joy Gaines

Joy Gaines

Principal Strategist
Portfolio for Women

Joy Postell Gaines is a long time NIH employee with multifaceted experience in leading, developing and coordinating change management, with a focus squarely centered around diversity and inclusion matters.

In her most recent role, Joy served as a Management Analyst/Accessibility Consultant in the Office of the Director, Office of Equity Diversity and Inclusion where she led the business process and engineering of the NIH Language Access Program. Joy served as Chair of the NIH Language Access Steering Committee, and the NIH LAP Liaisons Committee. She was a member of the HHS LAP Steering Committee and Chair of an HHS LAP Outreach subcommittee.

Joy was responsible for the development and administration of surveys and assessments; compiling and analyzing data and trends for the Language Access Program, the Sign Language Interpreting Services Program and the NIH Travel Services Program. She is a certified COR, responsible for contractual development and administration of multi-million dollar contracts used NIH wide.

She served as the Quality Assurance Specialist for NIH Child Care Services where she assisted in the management of the NIH Childcare Board, NIH Child Care Centers, the NIH Resources and Referral Services contract and the NIH Child Care subsidy. In addition, Joy developed and executed a wellness seminar series focusing on the health and well- being of NIH employees and their families.

Prior to that Joy was an Immigration Specialist at the NIH responsible for but not limited to administering the J-1 visa program for Visiting Fellows.

Joy earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland University College, and is completing her Master’s degree in Public Administration. She is also a certified EEO Counselor.