In pursuing the advancement of equity within the NIH workforce, we know that our journey begins with transparency. Through our profiles, we describe the demographic composition of the NIH workforce and utilize the data to investigate potential disparities which may present barriers to equity in the scientific workforce. The ongoing analysis of our workforce data allows us to tell the story of the people here at NIH who work not only to advance biomedical research, but to bring equity to those who serve our country in the pursuit of scientific discovery.


(As of September 30, 2021)


NIH Total Workforce

RACE & ETHNICITY: Workforce Demographics by Race and Ethnicity. Graphic showing the proportions of Hispanic or Latino, White, Black or African American, Asian, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaska Native, or Two or More Races NIH employees in Fiscal Year 21 Quarter Four.

RACE & ETHNICITY: Hispanic or Latino = 744, 4.0%; White = 10096, 53.9%; Black or African American = 3837, 20.5%; Asian = 3699, 19.8%; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander = 17, 0.1%; American Indian or Alaska Native = 136, 0.7%; Two or more races = 189, 1.0%

RACE & ETHNICITY: Data for employees represented in this reporting are self-identified; those classified in the five racial groups and two or more races are all non-Hispanic or Latino. Hispanic or Latino employees are included in that category regardless of their race selection(s).

SEX: Workforce Demographics by Sex. Graphic showing the proportions of Female and Male NIH employees in Fiscal Year 21 Quarter Four.

SEX: FEMALE = 11100, 59.3%; MALE = 7618, 40.7%

DISABILITY: Workforce Demographics by Disability Status. Graphic showing the proportions of NIH employees having disability status as the following: No Disability, Not Identified, Non-Targeted Disability, or Targeted Disability, in Fiscal Year 21 Quarter Four.

DISABILITY: No Disability = 16002, 85.5%; Not Identified = 1220, 6.5%; Non-Targeted Disability = 1085, 5.8%; Targeted Disability = 411, 2.2%

DISABILITY: Disability Categories: No Disability – employee reports having no disability. Not Identified – employee did not identify disability or serious health condition. Non-Targeted Disability – employee reports some type of disability not categorized as a targeted disability. Targeted Disability – employee reports severe disabilities.

Produced by the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI): Data Analytics Branch. Data is included for onboard employees classified as permanent or temporary full-time, and part-time or intermittent as of end of fiscal year 09/30/21. Data for Contractors, Fellows, Trainees, Commissioned Corps (CC), Advisory Council (EI) and ZZ pay plans are not included. Not identified sex and race/ethnicity includes missing values. To maintain confidentiality and protect individual identification from deductive disclosure risk, values of less than four are suppressed for reporting purposes and designated with an asterisk. Total calculations shown may not match those derived from detail data presented due to rounding. Data Sources: nVision HR-44 that includes 09/30/21 pay period; downloaded on 12/27/21.

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