What is it like for SGM and allied employees at NIH?

Are sexual orientation and gender identity included in the Agency’s nondiscrimination policy?

Yes. Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression is included in the NIH’s nondiscrimination policy.

Are there SGM employee resource groups?

Yes. There are two employee resource groups for SGM and allied persons at NIH. Salutaris provides a forum for GLBT employees to meet, network, and discuss issues important to the NIH GLBT community. LGBT Fellows and Friends was created to increase the visibility of the invisible minority. The groups exist to help its members thrive in their professional and personal lives by addressing issues unique to the LGBT community. LGBT Fellows and Friends group organizes events throughout the year to educate the general public, to organize social and networking events, and provides mentoring and career enhancement for LGBT individuals. Both, Salutaris and LGBT Fellows and Friends are open to the entire NIH community from postdocs to staff scientists, from graduate students to postbacs, from faculty to administrative staff, and from straight to LGBT-identified individuals.

What activities are sponsored at the agency for SGM employees?

The SGM Portfolio provides strategies and guidance that aide in advancing the life chances of SGM employees in all aspect of equal employment opportunity. The Portfolio entails programs, workshops, trainings, and workforce data analysis designed to inform and educate NIH Institutes and Centers on issues particular to SGM employment and research.