Our Purpose

We provide consultancy and guidance services addressing equal employment opportunity (EEO) rights and responsibilities that will enhance the quality of the NIH employee work experience through the reduction of EEO workplace issues and elimination of barriers that prevent an employee from reaching their full potential.

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About Guidance

EDI Guidance is a resource of expert EEO Consultants providing guidance to NIH scientists, administrators, and staff at all levels in addressing equal employment opportunity issues. Our consultancy serves as a focal point for proactive prevention and early intervention of EEO issues at NIH by: (1) providing guidance to managers and employees on EEO rights and responsibilities to ensure a diverse workplace free from unlawful discrimination and harassment; and (2) developing and coordinating effective EEO guidance tools and services, tailored to the individual and community needs of NIH.

We offer a variety of services to address likely sources of EEO issues, such as, workplace harassment, religious discrimination and accommodation, disability discrimination and accommodation, whistleblower protection and retaliation, complaints processing, and genetic information and nondiscrimination.

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