The Cadre

The EDI Training Cadre was created in August 2012 to offer expertise in facilitating training sessions to NIH managers, supervisors, and employees.  The Cadre assists learners in understanding a variety of complex EEO laws and policies, and a variety of diversity and inclusion topics.  Each Cadre member is an EDI subject matter expert, approved by the EDI leadership team following a mock training presentation.  Once selected, Cadre members serve on the Cadre as a collateral duty.  Through the Cadre, we deliver engaging and interactive training to bring awareness about complex EEO matters and to foster greater understanding about diversity and inclusion.

Training is conducted as classroom, instructor-led sessions that can be attended live or through AdobeConnect.  We also offer videocasting in some cases.  In addition, we deliver these training offerings in large group sessions that are open to all NIH employees, or work with NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) to deliver IC-specific training.  We offer a variety of learning and education options to meet all of your needs.