Mitzi Kosciulek

Mitzi Kosciulek

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Power Words

Where were you born? 

Detroit, Michigan

What school did you attend? 

Michigan State University, BA; Johns Hopkins University, MS; Johns Hopkins University, Certificate Program

What gained you interest in the NIH? 

Employee referral. Came to the NIH via an internship program called Administrative Fellows Program (AFP).

How can you help improve the composition of the STEM education pipeline for Native American students? 

Recruitment and outreach activities for students. Internal committee and work groups for internal customers

What is your most important accomplishment to date?  

Raising two children.

How did you choose your career?  

I didn't choose, I fell into it.

What types of community programs do you feel need to be more visible in Indian Country?  

Loan Repayment; Pathways Program for Recent Graduates; and Training programs targeting Hispanic/Native American STEM students

What are ways to provide better STEM education for Native American students?  

Long distance learning.

What does success mean to you?  

Impact on outcomes; Help people through sharing information