NIH Diversity Calendar - September 2022

September: National Hispanic Heritage Month

  • 5th
    International Day of Charity
  • 8th
    International Literacy Day
  • 11th
    Enkutatash (Ethiopian New Year)
  • 15th
    Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15 to Oct 15)
  • 16th
    Mexican Independence Day
  • 17th
    Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
  • 19th
    National Women’s Friendship Day
  • 21st
    International Day of Peace
  • 22nd
    American Business Women’s Day
  • 22nd
    Autumnal Equinox
  • 23rd
    Bi Visibility Day
  • 23rd
    Indigenous People’s Day (Native American Day)
  • 26th
    Navartri (Hindu) (Sept 26 to Oct 4)
  • 25th
    Rosh Hashanah Jewish Holiday (sunset Sept 25 to sunset Sept 27)
  • 27th
    Meskel (Ethiopian Orthodox and Eritrean Orthodox religious holiday)