Alexandra Farje

Alexandra Farje

Alexandra Farje

Power Words

Power Words: Spanish: 
Valentía, Confianza, Trabajo fuerte, Buen ver, Orientate a los detalles
Power Words: English: 
Bravery, Confidence, Hard-work, Personable, Detail-oriented

Where were you born? 

Arlington, VA. My family is Peruvian.

What school did you attend? 

College of William and Mary.

What gained you interest in the NIH? 

I wanted to gain experience working for the government in the public health sector. I loved science since I was a child, and saw this internship as an opportunity to not only gain office experience, but also to interact with individuals dedicated to public health.

What kind of work do you do at the NIH? 

I am a communications and management intern. I coordinate programs and events, and assist in administrative work.

What message would you like to send to young Hispanics who are considering going to college? 

Go to college! You will not only gain the opportunity to leverage your skills, but also discover and uncover parts of yourself.