Ofelia Olivero

Ofelia Olivero

Ofelia Olivero
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Power Words

Power Words: Spanish: 
Contribuir, Creer, Ser parte de un cambio
Power Words: English: 
Contribute, Believe, Be part of a change

Where were you born? 


What school did you attend? 

National University of La Plata, Argentina

What gained you interest in the NIH? 

While I was doing research in Argentina, my supervisor brought to my attention a postdoctoral position opening at NCI-NIH. I was fascinated by the science and immediately accepted to join. The original idea was that I would come for one year to learn a technique and will return to Argentina to apply it there. One year passed so fast! I had to stay for the second year, and the third…. This is my year 32. The science here is second to none, the resources the potential to create and innovate are fantastic. I embraced the organization since day one and I am trying to contribute to it as much as I can.

What kind of work do you do at the NIH? 

For many years I worked in projects aiming to understand the toxicity of drugs used in AIDS therapy. Our laboratory focused in the drugs taken by pregnant women to prevent the vertical transmission of HIV from the mother to the fetus. We discovered that those drugs were carcinogenic in the mouse. Since then the insert of the drug AZT contained a paragraph indicating the danger to the unborn baby. Now I dedicate my time to training and education and help fellows to have a great experience at NIH, like the one I had.

What message would you like to send to young Hispanics who are considering going to college? 

Going to college is a great decision, one that should not be taken lightly. It is the first of a chain of decision that will empower you as a person. It will open many doors, that hopefully you will enter into and transit the paths offered to you.