Glenda Laventure Esq.

Glenda Laventure Esq.

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Power Words

Power Words: English: 
Honor, Honesty, Professionalism

Where were you born? 

New York

What school did you attend? 

"St. Mary's College of Maryland, University of the District of Columbia School of Law, Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies Masters Program

What gained you interest in the NIH? 

The NIH's mission to enhancing health, lengthening life, and reducing illness and disability is directly related to my commitment to health and wellness. I believe that a balanced life requires investing in one's physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well being. The NIH's commitment to soundness of mind and body mirrors my own pledge to personal development, embodies the need to address these interrelated areas.

What kind of work do you do at the NIH? 

Equal Employment Opportunity knowledge is the best tool to cultivate respect for diversity and create an environment free from unlawful discrimination, and harassment. As the office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion's (EDI) Guidance program manager I am entrusted with educating and assisting the NIH community on likely sources of EEO issues via articles, briefings, toolkits, customized guidance, and white papers.

What message would you like to send to young Blacks who are considering going to college? 

Investing in yourself now will pay for itself later. You are worth the time, energy, and, effort required to obtain a degree. No one is going to provide for you as well as you can provide for yourself. Yes, it will be hard but anything worth having is worth fighting for.