NIH is committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion. One way that EDI supports this commitment is by providing guidance to managers and employees on equal employment opportunity (EEO) rights and responsibilities to ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace free from unlawful discrimination and harassment. At NIH we understand that all of our NIH employees want to be treated equitably.

4 Reasons to Uphold EEO Principles:

  1. It is the law
  2. It is economically wise
  3. It is morally/ethically important
  4. It fosters a diverse and inclusive NIH workplace

A lack of information can result in costly complaints, loss of productivity, and poor morale.  Remember that every employee wants to be given a fair chance to be successful at work.  Our Toolkits will help you navigate through EEO.

EEO Toolkits

Knowledge in the area of EEO is the best tool to cultivate respect for diversity and create an environment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment.  We appreciate that this is a very complex area and EDI is here to help.  EDI works diligently to provide critical guidance to managers and employees on all aspects of EEO. The guidance serves as a resource to managers and employees to increase knowledge in this very important area. Various guidance tools regarding EEO laws for managers and employees are provided below.

Toolkits Coming Soon

  • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Toolkit
  • Independent Contractor Complaint Toolkit
  • Use of Official Time to Work on EEO Complaints Toolkit

Please check back for future updates to these toolkits.If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.