EDI Data Request Form

Before you submit a data request to EDI, please read the following instructions.

Data is only available on NIH full-time equivalent employees. It is the policy of the NIH to disclose information about the race, ethnicity, sex, and disability status of employees in a manner that does not identify individuals. Hence, data will be reported in aggregate and suppressed if the population size is small enough to identify individuals.

All data requests must come from NIH employees with a bona-fide IC business need for the information. NIH employees should first contact their IC Executive Office and other relevant IC-specific workforce and management offices prior to submitting a data request to EDI. This is to facilitate coordination and accurate interpretation of workforce analysis.

EDI data analysts strive to complete data requests within 10 business days from the date of request or the date when the data was made available to us. The exact delivery dates may vary depending on the complexity of the request and the volume of on-going data requests. Our analysts will do their best to meet your data needs as expeditiously as possible.

Non-NIH employees should contact the NIH Freedom of Information Act Office to request workforce demographic data.

How will the data be used? What data do you need?
Who will you share the data with?
If this is an urgent request that needs to be fulfilled sooner than 10 business days, please indicate when you would like to have this request fulfilled. We will do our best to prioritize depending on the volume and complexity of the request.
If data needs to be broken out by branch or division, please provide the organizational code and title.