Pride 2020

NIH Pride 2020 - Connecting Across Our Differences

20/20 Vision:
across our

Intersectionality acknowledges the multifaceted aspects of individuals. Our sexual orientation or gender identity alone do not define us; we are a diverse group of people—different ages, races, ethnicities, faiths, and abilities—with many characteristics contributing to our individuality. At the NIH, we take PRIDE in Connecting Across our Differences while becoming more inclusive and respecting all aspects of an individuals’ identity.

Sexual or gender minority (SGM) members are simultaneously members of a multitude of other social groups, each adding to that person’s individuality.

LGBTQ individuals from the Women, AAPI, Black, and ADA communities voluntarily submitted their profiles intending to boost recognition and awareness of SGM and intersectionality.

Learn more about these pioneers who are making great strides in raising LGBTQ awareness and advancing SGM research to guard against misinterpretations and continuing to lead innovations in biomedical research. Learn more.

20 profiles for 2020 : Celebrating LGBT community Diversity at NIH and Beyond

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