#EDI365 - Fabric of NIH
#EDI365 - “Fabric of NIH”
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#EDI365 - A Paradigm Shift
#EDI365 - “A Paradigm Shift”
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Watch Director Dr. Francis S. Collins - “NIH's Commitment”
Dr. Francis Collins - “NIH's Commitment”
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What’s in a Name?

Over the past two years, the former Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management (OEODM) worked closely with our customers, the NIH community, to gather feedback on how to continue doing great work while further strengthening NIH’s diversity and inclusion efforts. We conducted numerous listening sessions, consulted with senior leadership, and solicited the input from employees from all facets of our community. We thank you for your candid and helpful guidance, and want you to know that we heard you.

As we rebrand the NIH’s diversity and anti-discrimination efforts in a manner that conveys the innovative, proactive approach to diversity and inclusion at the NIH and the exciting future of this field of work, OEODM has renamed itself the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, or EDI.


Reflects the vision of a fair and impartial environment for our employees, customers, and stakeholders.


Encompasses acceptance and respect, recognizes that each individual is unique, and further affirms individual differences.


Cultivates a culture that connects each employee to the organization and encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness while leveraging diversity so that all individuals are empowered to participate and contribute to their full potential.

However, our name is not the only thing that has changed. We are actively incorporating the ideas we learned from our customers across the NIH and have responded with a new design and organization. From our Take the Pledge initiative, to our Consulting efforts, to our EDI365 commitment, the changes we are making are bold and innovative, further supporting NIH’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We unveiled these changes during EDI Week, March 24-27th, 2014 where we engaged with many members of the community who came out to participate. We delve into the concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion with our customers through various activities such as the EDI Summit, Training Day, the Women’s Symposium at the Clinical Center, and our EDI Open Houses at our East Jefferson Street and Building 2 locations.

We are excited to share more of the story of the paradigm shift from OEODM to the new EDI. Our purpose is to simply put our customers first, so we are focusing our efforts on providing competent, efficient, and responsive services the “EDI way” ...365 days a year.