The Pledge

Life to a Policy
Take the Pledge - “Life to a Policy”
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You have the power to raise the bar 365 days a year... a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion drives success. Your behavior sets the standard for others to follow. Your belief in the inherent dignity and worth of every individual influences positive change.

This pledge makes us better people, better employees, and NIH a better place to work and discover. Join EDI, today, in the Take the Pledge campaign.

Steps to "Taking the Pledge" in your Institute, Center, or OFFICE:

  1. Setup a consult with an EDI liaison.
  2. Collectively develop a Respect & Dignity policy with the entire staff.
  3. Order the “EDI Pledge Poster” (or we'll help you create your own) for your space and have your team sign it.
  4. Empower your team to call a flag on others (even those above them in the supervisory chain) who violate the spirit of the pledge in a respectful and dignified way.
  5. Accept that no one is perfect, it is the effort that counts.

Read our Respect & Dignity office policy.