In accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) Management Director 110 and the Elijah E. Cummings Federal Employee Antidiscrimination Act of 2020 (Cummings Act), all Federal Agencies must post a notice to all employees of a finding of discrimination.

This notice must identify the date on which the finding was made, the date on which each discriminatory act occurred, and the law violated by each such discriminatory act. The notice must also advise Federal employees of the rights and protections available under the covered legal provision.

The notice must be posted no later than ninety (90) days of the EEOC’s Final Order issued by an Administrative Judge, Final Order from EEOC’s Office of Federal Operations for complaints on appeal or the Final Agency Decision issued by the Agency on the public internet website of the agency, in a clear and prominent location linked directly from the home page of that website; state that a finding of discrimination (including retaliation) has been made; and shall remain posted for not less than one (1) year.

Note that the EEOC and the Cummings Act, not EDI, determine whether a finding should be published. If the decision is published it will be indicated above. To find the published decision visit the EEOC’s website and enter the appropriate appellate number above. If EEOC determines that a decision will remain unpublished, there is no further information that EDI can provide.