8CRE NIH Juneteenth 19 Days of Wellness

8CRE NIH Juneteenth 19 Days of Wellness

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African American man meditating and doing a breathing exercise while at work.
  • Event Date: 
    Thursday, June 1, 2023 - 9:00am to Thursday, June 22, 2023 - 5:00pm
  • Event Location: 
    Varies by event

Eight Changes for Racial Equality or 8CRE (pronounced “acre”) invites you to attend their *free series of events, Juneteenth 19 Days of Wellness from June 1 to 22.

“This year, the Supporters of 8CRE at NIH will observe Juneteenth over the first 19 days of June, with a focus towards the wellness of self, family/friends, and community.

We encourage all those interested in participating in these 19 Days of Wellness to engage in various activities that promote health and wellness. Suggested actions are included in our calendar below. We will also host three, 30 to 60-minute virtual conversations on the topics around mental health, Black women's health, and Black men's health.”

[*Registration for the event is simply a virtual agreement to join the Supporters of 8CRE in our commitment to promoting health and wellness as we commemorate the emancipation of enslaved peoples in the US.]

Juneteenth *19 Days of Wellness Calendar:

*There are 19 8CRE-sponsored events, plus three Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)-sponsored events.

8CRE and NIH-sponsored events:

  • June 1: Mental Health Webinar with National Institutes of Mental Health
  • June 2: Practice meditation for stress reduction and self-awareness
  • June 3: Engage in exercise or breathwork
  • June 4: Set aside 10 minutes for reflection and gratitude
  • June 5: Enjoy a podcast, book, or article on Juneteenth
  • June 6: Start an emergency fund to help safeguard financial security
  • June 7: Black Women’s Health Webinar the Meraki Empowerment Collective
  • June 8: Discuss a household budget and financial goals
  • June 9: Host a trivia night on Juneteenth and civil rights to learn together
  • June 10: Exercise together to promote health and bonding
  • June 11: Organize a game night or other fun activity to laugh together
  • June 12: Learn about freedom songs like Wade in the Water
  • June 13: Black Men’s Health Webinar with the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (Check NINDS site for updates about this event)
  • June 14: Join a support group with others facing challenges like yours
  • June 15: Sign up for a workshop on investing and debt management
  • June 16: Visit a museum to explore African American history and culture
  • June 17: Participate in a fitness class or a community sports league
  • June 18: Attend a local event celebrating African American history and culture.
  • June 19: Tune in for a live exercise routine with the NIH Fitness Center: Joyful Dance and Flowing Stretch

EDI-sponsored events:

  • June 20: NIH EDI Juneteenth: Learn. Observe. Get Involved.
  • June 21: NIH EDI Webinar on Socio-Economic Impact of Black Fatigue
  • June 22: NIH EDI outdoor event - NIH Main Campus, Building 10 South Lawn

Individuals who need Sign Language Interpreting and/or reasonable accommodation to participate in NIH-sponsored virtual events should contact Monique Robinson at monique.robinson@nih.gov or call 301-496-6301. Requests should be made at least five business days before the date of the event.

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