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Finding Value in Collaboration

A group of people having a meeting.

The Harvard Business Review article "How to Capture Value from Collaboration, Especially If You’re Skeptical About It" describes what collaboration is and what it isn’t in the workplace.

The article starts off "Many of us recognize intellectually that we need others’ knowledge to solve big problems, yet we still lack the motivation to collaborate."

While it is easy to become and remain internally focused on our immediate day-to-day activities, the article describes the benefits of looking outside of what can sometimes be our narrow focus on completing tasks.

At the NIH, we are constantly solving big health problems for America through our research and clinics. And as scientists we know better than most that the bigger the problems, the more important the collaboration.

Therefore, as we progress through our careers, continue to work on expanding our networks to actively identify sources for gainful collaboration. By seeking opportunities inside and outside our Institutes, Offices or Agency, we have the potential to uncover and identify untapped and unfamiliar resources and benefit from the variety and spice of other connections.

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