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Is Meditation Right for Me?

A woman sitting on her desk meditating.

Have you ever tried to meditate? According to Yoga Journal, Daily meditation can be made easy while resulting in many rewards. It has several benefits such as reducing stress, controlling anxiety, promoting emotional and mental health and more.

You may have questions about how to do it like: How do I get started? Music or no music? Do I need to be in a yoga studio for it to really work? What technique should I use? How can I possibly make the time? Or you may say things like: "I can’t turn my mind off!" "I wouldn’t know how to start." "Probably wouldn’t work for me."

This Yoga Journal article "Daily Meditation Made Easy" talks about creating conditions conducive to meditation and provides practical techniques to start your meditation practice. Additionally, The National Institute of Mental Health provides resources and information on mental health research.

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