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From the EDI Director: EDI 2018 National Hispanic Heritage Month Message

Debra C. Chew Esq.

A workplace that values diversity and inclusion is a place where all employees demonstrate, on a daily basis, respect for the unique attributes of each person. Here at the NIH, Hispanic Heritage Month provides us with a time to honor and reflect on the contributions and talents of Hispanic and Latino men and women. National cultural observances remind us how important it is to capitalize on the unique and vast experiences of everyone in our teams to better support our mission of advancing health discoveries.

At EDI, we recognize that creating a workplace culture of diversity and inclusion is an ongoing developmental process for everyone. When employees are understood and accepted for their different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, they are more capable of working harmoniously with their fellow staff, helping create the ideal environment for creativity and innovation.

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, let us commit to building awareness, knowledge, and communication across cultures and teams. I challenge everyone to reflect on that we need to do here at the NIH to improve our working relationships, be flexible, inclusive, and receptive of differences. Hispanic and Latino culture immeasurably influences America’s celebrated diversity, and this observance recognizes that impact as well as the countless contributions of Hispanic Americans in all areas of society.

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