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From the President of the United States: 2016 Black History Month

President Obama giving a speech at the NIH.

This week, President Obama issued a Proclamation for Black History Month 2016 praising the great sacrifices of many African Americans in history who so courageously fought for freedom and Civil Rights for all Americans. Despite all of the odds, their determination paved the way for so many of us to have opportunities of which they could only have dreamed. The President reminds us that their sacrifice ensured the freedom for us all, not just for African Americans. This month presents us with the opportunity to remember, celebrate, and honor those courageous acts. Much progress has been made, yet, at a time when we have seen great strides for African Americans, much remains to be done. Dr. Collins encourages all of us to take this opportunity to celebrate Black History Month and to support the NIH Black Portfolio. His message is a call to all of us to get involved in ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts at the NIH. I hope that each of you will join EDI in contemplating how to create more inclusive workplaces for every NIH employee.

Read the President’s Proclamation