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OPM Updates Targeted Disabilities

Man with a disability using a tablet device while seated.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has updated the list of conditions considered targeted disabilities. This change expands the number and range of targeted disabilities. New additions include: developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, significant mobility impairments, and significant disfigurements. Additionally, the description of conditions such as blindness and deafness are now less restricted.

Throughout the years changes have been made to the list of conditions considered targeted. Changes have been attributed to evolving nomenclature, addition of new conditions, and the merging of individual conditions into groups.

Targeted disabilities are serious health conditions, and the employment rate of individuals with targeted disabilities has historically been low. The federal government seeks to be a leader in the employment of individuals with targeted disabilities, and to serve as a model for other employers in utilizing this talent pool.

Visit the following link for a copy of the most recent standard form 256 containing the list of targeted disabilities:

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