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EDI Director: EDI Observes Women’s History Month

Debra C. Chew Esq.

March is National Women’s History Month, we collectively acknowledge the work, sacrifices and dedication of woman in our nation. This year the National Women’s History month theme is "Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business."

Historically women have and continue to face inequalities in the workforce which may include limited opportunities, low wages and poor working conditions. However, many continue to surpass expectations despite their circumstances and lead in business, science, medicine, law and all other aspects of work and life. Today, women are creating, developing and shaping our world with determination and dignity. We pay homage to those who have paved the way for those of us who need a mentor, role model or just inspiration.

Recently, many of us have been inspired by the woman featured in the motion picture "Hidden Figures" or even by Serena Williams’ record breaking win in the Australian Open final, not to mention the day to day encounters we have with friends, family and colleagues who encourage and uplift us when we need it most. That’s why the NIH Women’s History Month Theme, "Be inspired" can be can be easily accomplished.

I encourage you to be inspired and learn more about the work that the NIH is doing to encourage, develop and honor women for their unique strengths, talents and perspectives. As you know, the NIH believes in Equity Diversity and Inclusion 365 days a year. Please follow us on Twitter and take a look at our blog as we address and discuss the issues that matter most to women. Don’t forget to visit our film series on the "Women of Color in Science at the NIH".

My office will continue to demonstrate the NIH’s commitment to integrating Equal Employment Opportunities in our mission through program and management accountability, recognizing successful women at the NIH publicly and educating all NIH employees through invited guest speakers to openly discuss effective recruitment, retention and work life for women.

With that, join us on March 21, 2017, to hear Beth Hand, CEO, Leadership Hand LLC, deliver a talk on “Gender Bias: What Women and Men Need to Know to Lead More Powerfully, More Inclusively and Get Better Business Results”, from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm in Building 45, Balcony A. She will share why gender bias is a fact, what sustains it globally and how gender can be a red herring that hides both women and men. Learn what you, your program area or division can do to help level the playing field and create more inclusive cultures that improve business results.

For more information about the NIH Women’s Portfolio, please contact Joy Gaines, Women’s Portfolio Strategist at, 301-451-9662 or