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NIH Hispanic and Latino Investigators and Senior Scientists Project

Graphic of colorful hands and text stating 2019 Hispanic Heritage Month - NIH Hispanic and Latino Investigators and Senior Scientist Project - A History of Serving our Nation

Hispanics and Latinos contribute to our Nation's success in extraordinary ways. They serve in the military, government, attend schools across the U.S., and make contributions to all aspects of our lives. Numerous Hispanic and Latino leaders in science and engineering have made sweeping discoveries that have driven biomedical science policy to benefit all. Working in collaboration with hospitals, clinics, and fieldwork stations around the world, investigators here at the National Institutes of Health are continually advancing the state of biomedical science, helping gain knowledge of how the human body works and help find innovative ways to cure, or treat disease.

The NIH Hispanic and Latino Investigators and Senior Scientists Project is intended to honor the work and achievements of NIH’s diverse workforce and help motivate and inspire students and postgraduates to pursue careers in science. Please take a moment to visit the links and read the biographies of these remarkable individuals. Within their biographies and accomplishments, you will find the result of hard work, smart choices, and opportunity. The diverse experiences of these problem-solvers are critical to fostering creativity and innovation at the NIH.

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are essential ingredients of innovation and discovery. During National Hispanic Heritage Month, let us renew our commitment to honoring the invaluable ways Hispanics and Latinos contribute to our common goals, working and striving toward a stronger, more inclusive, and more healthy and prosperous society for all.

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